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Fri, Jan 22, 2021
081118283138Doubler: Y
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SuperCash! – Lottery Results

Draw DateNumbersDoubler
10954.Friday, January 22, 2021081118283138Y
10953.Thursday, January 21, 2021011527303438N
10952.Wednesday, January 20, 2021040608232936N
10951.Tuesday, January 19, 2021010610121732N
10950.Monday, January 18, 2021131923323439N
10949.Sunday, January 17, 2021060824313336N
10948.Saturday, January 16, 2021101112152138Y
10947.Friday, January 15, 2021020314163436N
10946.Thursday, January 14, 2021060822232733N
10945.Wednesday, January 13, 2021040609122531N
10944.Tuesday, January 12, 2021061718222932N
10943.Monday, January 11, 2021040609202225N
10942.Sunday, January 10, 2021081522232530N
10941.Saturday, January 9, 2021091114162728N
10940.Friday, January 8, 2021070811202133N
10939.Thursday, January 7, 2021242527293639N
10938.Wednesday, January 6, 2021011015193233N
10937.Tuesday, January 5, 2021141722232629N
10936.Monday, January 4, 2021071220243438N
10935.Sunday, January 3, 2021010915293032N
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